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ChatGPT Client

"SlickGPT is a light-weight "use-your-own-API-key" ChatGPT client written in Svelte. It offers GPT-4 integration, a userless share feature and other superpowers.

Run your own local ChatGPT instance, host it yourself or just use our instance if you like. Users bring their own OpenAI API keys. SlickGPT offers them a very fancy user interface with a rich feature set like managing a local chat history (in the localStorage), a userless "Share" function for chats, a prominent context editor, and token cost calculation and distribution.

The entire client is built on Svelte and SvelteKit and makes use of actions, stores and all the Svelte goodness. Our "middleware" between client and external APIs (OpenAI and Firebase) is implemented with Svelte endpoints which run as serverless (edge) functions on Vercel. We use Skeleton UI as component library."



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