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Flowbite Icon Components

"flowbite-svelte-icons is an open-source package providing 480+ SVG Flowbite icon components for Svelte."

  • Optimized Compilation: Import only necessary icons to improve compilation speed and performance.
  • IDE Support: Compatible with LSP-supported editors for easy documentation access.
  • Global Icon Settings: Set default icon preferences globally using setContext.
  • Custom Defaults: Create and utilize custom default icons for consistent styling.
  • Accessibility Features: Customize aria-labels and focus behavior for improved accessibility.
  • Event Handling: Supports various events for interactive usage within Svelte components.


Shinichi Okada

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Svelte Currency Input Currency Form Input Component
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 75
Svelte Confetti Confetti Effect
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 1.339
Sentry for Svelte Svelte Error & Performance Monitoring
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svelte-dodge Make Components dodge the Pointer
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 383
Svelte Steps Wizard / Step Component
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 3.537