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New Tab Browser Extension

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New Tab Browser Extension

"SvelTab provides a beautiful, customizable New Tab page for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and other Chromium-based browsers.

SvelTab offers hundreds of customization options to create a new tab page that is unique to you. Choose from many background providers, and be rewarded with stunning, new pictures every time you open a new tab. Add your favorite widgets to stay productive throughout your day.

We care about your privacy and your experience. SvelTab is private, fast, and free."

  • No ads, no trackers, no analytics, no data-mining or similar things
  • Preference to open-sourced privacy-oriented 3rd party services
  • Load time should be low, overall performance should be high
  • No polyfills to support obsolete browsers, targeting latest & greatest browsers only
  • Firefox as a primary browser for development and testing

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