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Remote Controller

Open-source Steam Remote Play Alternative

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Open-source Steam Remote Play Alternative

"Remote Controller is an ambitious project (that is still in development) that tries to be an easy & game agnostic alternative to Steam Remoteplay or similar.

It is based on web technologies so a part of it can be run in the browser. The Gamepad input is managed with the browser Gamepad API, and the video/audio streaming is handled by the WebRTC media channels and getDisplayMedia().

Remote Controller also uses P2P connections to decentralize almost all the logic to not reside on any server but only the configurable STUN and TURN servers that help the client and server to connect.

The client and landing page is built using SvelteKit, DaisyUI, Talwind and WASM. The desktop app additionally uses Wails, the gamebad virtualization framework ViGEm and Pion, the WebRTC implementation in Go."


Pedro Costas Ferradás

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