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Component-based CMS

"Primo is a component-based CMS that makes it easy to build visually-editable static sites. Instead of developing your website by editing files, Primo lets you build web pages out of individual components (or sections) containing both code and content.

By embedding a development environment alongside the CMS, Primo enables you to make site modifications on the fly and build/integrate components that can be used by content editors (who don't have access to the code) to arrange pages and sites section by section.

When you publish and update your site, Primo compiles and deploys it as a static site (with no JS by default) to Vercel, Netlify, Github, etc.

primo's true power comes from Svelte, the underlying framework used to build primo components and compile websites. As far as frontend technologies go, none comes close to Svelte in terms of approachability, simplicity, and capability, making it the ideal engine for primo (as well as the ideal engine to build primo itself)."

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