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Svelte inside Phoenix LiveView

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Svelte inside Phoenix LiveView

"This project showcases Svelte inside Phoenix LiveView with seamless end-to-end reactivity. 

Phoenix LiveView enables rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML. It works by communicating any state changes through a websocket and updating the DOM in realtime. You can get a really good user experience without ever needing to write any client side code.

LiveSvelte builds on top of Phoenix LiveView to allow for easy client side state management while still allowing for communication over the websocket.

Svelte handles the look and feel of the chat, while LiveView takes care of syncing. E2E reactivity to the Svelte component so we don't really need to fetch anything!"

Reasons why you'd use LiveSvelte:

  • You have (complex) local state
  • You want to take full advantage of Javascript's ecosystem
  • You want to take advantage of Svelte's animations
  • You want scoped CSS
  • You like Svelte and its DX

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