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Form Component Library

"Formsnap offers functional, accessible, and powerful form components for Svelte. The goal of this library is to make working with the already incredible sveltekit-superforms even more pleasant, by wrapping it with accessible form components.

By design, Superforms is a very low-level library that gives you the tools to build and customize the behavior of your forms to your liking. Unfortunately, this also comes at the cost of writing some boilerplate code to get a form up and running. Since most applications are form heavy, this can become quite tedious, time consuming, and error prone.

Formsnap aims to solve this by providing you with a set of components that automagically handle a lot of the boilerplate, while still giving you the ability to customize the behavior of your forms. Additionally, your forms will be accessible by default. You don't even have to think about it. Everyone wins!"


Hunter Johnston

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