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Form Library

"Felte is a form library for Svelte, Solid & React with simple validation reporting. 

It is based on Svelte stores and Svelte actions for its functionality. No Field or Form components, just plain stores and actions to build your form however you like."

  • Single action to make your form reactive.
  • Use HTML5 native elements to create your form. 
  • Provides stores and helper functions to handle more complex use cases.
  • No assumptions on your validation strategy. Use any validation library you want or write your own strategy.
  • Handles addition and removal of form controls during runtime.
  • Official solutions for error reporting using reporter packages.
  • Well tested. Currently at 99% code coverage and constantly working on improving test quality.
  • Supports validation with yup, zod, superstruct and vest.
  • Easily extend its functionality.

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