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E-commerce Platform

"D2stock is an e-commerce platform for D2R (Diablo II: Resurrected) items built entirely on SvelteKit. It handles articles, products, inventory management, instant messaging, extensive SEO, payment handling with multiple methods, automated deliveries, Google & Discord oauth, Discord integration, Secure Websockets, multiple currencies, instant search, email handling, and more.

While this isn't your typical tech demo, I think there's a lot here to showcase a real world application of SvelteKit that handles everything a small to medium sized business might want to do on a shoestring budget.

Built for speed with as few dependencies as possible. Currently handles millions of requests per month while using only 0-3% of CPU and ~10% of RAM on a 15$ per month server while serving dynamic content and instant events."

Tech stack:

  • SvelteKit
  • Redis, for short-lived data like sessions and rate limiting
  • PostgreSQL, support for complex types and high scalability for relational data such as sales
  • Secure WebSockets, instant notifications, status, and messaging. Automated, live delivery system
  • Mailgun.js, for sending and receiving emails (and their events) programmatically
  • Discord.js, allows for customers to speak with staff in dedicated support channels
  • Marked.js, to see formatted markdown sent in messages
  • Nginx, as reverse proxy
  • Cloudflare, to proxy all traffic, and provide DDoS / Bot protection
  • A few crypto and payment related deps, but nothing that handles a process completely

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