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R-packages Search Engine

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R-packages Search Engine

"CRAN/E is a modern PWA (Progressive Web App) that serves as a search engine and information display for packages hosted on CRAN.

It uses SvelteKit and Svelte to deliver almost perfect Lighthouse scores, is incredible fast and leverages WebWorkers for a multithreaded process architecture. Everything was built with the latest version of SvelteKit and Svelte. The single largest component is the search input, which also handles the search state via svelte-stores.

The app uses a client-side, in-memory database with ~20k entries called "LokiDB", which lives in a WebWorker to take load away from the main process.

Thanks to SvelteKit and the client-side DB, search queries are lightning fast and help make the overall UX super responsive and quick."


Tom Schönmann

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